Team Manager

Team Manager Duties

The Team Managers role is vital for the Club, and we thank you for stepping up.

It is a crucial role in supporting our coaches and acting as a feedback loop to appropriate committee members so any issues can be quickly resolved.

Specific Duties

At the beginning of the season:

  • Notify parents via text of the time and venue for the first game. A number of Jets teams set up a “What’s App” group chat to convey information securely.
  • Add team information to the Jets Team Sheet you will be emailed.
  • Add family names to the scoring roster on the team sheet to make sure all parents “do their share”. If you have a parent who is also the coach, please do not roster them for scoring duties. They are already doing their share!
  • Email out Team sheet to all families
  • Take note of any children in your team that do not have permission to be photographed for social media or website.

During the season:

  • Remind families of scoring responsibilities
  • Ensure scoring is covered if rostered family fail to arrive
  • Explain scoring to inexperienced parents
  • Send through any team news or photos to the Social Media Coordinator Kym West:
  • Promote any special club events when necessary
  • Liaise with the Committee when necessary
  • Refer any concerns about coaching to the Committee

At the end of the season:

  • Confirm that all players taking to the court in finals have played the 7 games required to qualify.
  • Refer any new players interested in joining the club to the Registration Secretary.
  • Collect money and organise a card and small gift for the coach to be presented at the end of the season.