It’s new, it’s exciting and we can’t wait to show it off to everyone!

Our Jets logo that has been used for well over 30 years has a fabulous history. It was designed by our former president (Stuart) brother! When he was a young boy! Well we have loved it and so have all the kids wearing the uniform on the basketball courts- but like all good things a change is better than a holiday (and well none of us has had any good holidays lately)- at HQ we thought it was the perfect opportunity to retire the old logo and re-brand our much-loved basketball club to give it a new lease on life! Our new logo was designed to give it a more current look at feel that matches the current times of a basketball club, reflecting the current logos of local and international basketball clubs! It is assertive and dynamic that offers all aspects of the club!

How did we get it designed? We had sent a call out to our community for suggestions and designs- we received so many wonderful designs it was hard to choose. We agreed on a design that would be ageless and something that all of the members of our community would be proud of!

Whilst we were on a roll- why not create a new website whilst we are at it we thought! So here we are!
Brand new logo supporting our brand new website- specifically designed for our members to be able to find out any info they need, from being a parent, a team manager or a coach, what the committee does and why we do what we do!

So take a look around our website- if you need any help finding something- give us a call!